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Core Capabilities

As a Minority Owned Small Business, Onshore Consultants is committed to excellence and
creating innovative and flexible solutions for our Commercial and Federal clients.

Our Services

Our Services

Our technology experts and business professionals analyze research, design and implement solutions in the areas of consulting, technology, and managed services. 




Our Consulting Services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business. By incorporation industry best practices into your business processes and management strategies, we can help you stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customers.


Our Technology Services focus on developing robust, secure and stable technology solutions for your business. By incorporating common sense solutions into seemingly daunting deliverables, we can ensure at the start of the project that we will safely deliver the product to completion.



Consulting Services

  • Business Strategy & Planning Support

  • Change Management & Facilitation Support

  • Oracle Application Development and Assessment Services

  • Security Assessment

Technology Services

  • Oracle/PeopleSoft Application Design & Development

  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Integration

  • Data Cleansing & Conversion

  • Database Design, Development, & Maintenance

  • Architecture Solutions

  • Project Management & Agile Framework


It was a real pleasure to work together with Al, who was an excellent Managing Director . Broad-minded Managing Director - his exceptional work flow, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. Al never refuses you when you ask him for help. He showed a high level of leadership, strong knowledge of Oracle software, business technical skills and was a valuable contributor to our work. Ambitious and independent expert. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both his personal & professional development. I certainly would recommend him.

Allen Noble


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